Team USA Military
 The Joint Forces Military Skills Competition team of the United States

Team USA Military is a joint service military skills team representing the United States in international competition. This is a collection of some of the most capable Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines in the US Military. 

To learn and teach military skills at an advanced level; to select the best of the best to represent the United States of America in International Military Skills Competition; to build bonds with our NATO Allies and NATO Partners through strength and honor.

Team USA Military is the joint service military skills team of the United States. This is a collection of some of the most capable Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines in the US Military. 
The team competes once per year in a joint, coalition, military skills event hosted by rotating NATO countries.  This year (2016), the Confederation Interallied du Officer Reserve (CIOR) Military Competition (MILCOMP) will be hosted by Spain.

Soldiers qualify for the team by demonstrating superior skills in the following events:  Land Obstacle Course, Swim Obstacle Course, Rifle Marksmanship, Pistol Marksmanship, Cobat First Aid, Grenade Throwing, Distance Estimation, Map Reading, and Land Navigation.  

Every team member must compete in every event listed above.
The events listed above have all been created soley for the CIOR Military Competition, and cannot be accurately compared to any other US Military or Olympic events. The events are designed to test combat-related skills and endurance, and they do. At the end of the competition, every competitor is bruised, blistered, scratched, burned or cut. Muscles are sore. Sleep is deprived. A few might have sprained ankles, a couple might have broken bones.

Soldiers push their physical limits, and in doing so discover the limits of their motivation, teamwork, patience, followership, leadership, fellowship and poise. This is when the real growth takes place. This is when better soldiers are made.

As a competitor, when it's all over, you will think to yourself "People were looking at me and thinking 'That's what a soldier from the U.S. is like'. I think I represented my country well. I know I could have done better".

No matter how well you do, the CIOR Military Competition is an extremely meaningful experience that you will never forget!